Monday, March 11, 2013


"Starbuck" is a 2011 Canadian comedy directed by Ken Scott. It stars Patrick Huard. The film takes place in Canada and is entirely in French with English subtitles. It is set to release in the US on March 22, 2013.

A forty-something year old, David, finds out his girlfriend is pregnant. But that’s the least of his parental worries. He works for his father’s butcher company but is barely hanging on. David doesn’t have his life in order at all, and it only gets worse. He soon finds out that he has fathered over 500 children resulting from his many “donations” to the local sperm bank twenty years ago. Over 100 of his children are now filing a lawsuit against him in order to find out his identity. David is faced with many moral hurdles as he tries to balance his soon-to-be family and current ever growing one.

Starbuck makes you laugh and cry. Although mostly a comedy, it definitely has a deeper meaning. There are sentimental moments that tug at your heart. Patrick Huard brings a lot of laughter to the screen. He plays the stereotypical loser that hasn’t amounted to anything except working for his father’s business, yet he can’t even do that right. Life just hasn’t cut him a break but this news of having hundreds of grown children in the world might just change his life…hopefully for the better. 

Starbuck is a different and unique story that’s worth your time. Through the comedy a message of family and being true comes to surface. If you’re thinking of donating to your local sperm bank or artificial insemination in general definitely check out this film. And even if you’re not, Starbuck is a great film to see.


Run time 1 hour 49 mins

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