Tuesday, February 26, 2013

21 and Over

Last week I saw a sneak preview of “21 and over.” It tells the story of two friends who visit their best friend in an effort to celebrate his 21st birthday. But he’s in no position to party because he’s got an important med school interview the next morning. The story unravels as the trio journey through the night.

I’d say the movie has its good moments, but isn’t worth the trip. It’s a mix of “Project X” meets Ryan Reynolds’ “Van Wilder.” It is an homage to the college years and most 18-25 year olds will definitely connect with the film. People over 30 may find it immature and unnecessarily outrageous. I graduated college a couple years ago and it was bittersweet to reminisce my college years. The movie definitely makes you rethink if you lived your college years to its full potential.  There’s some puffery in there because I don’t think anyone’s real college experience included wild buffalo injuries on campus and acid tripping professors. Then again, I may have gone to the wrong school.

"21 and over" is crude, rude, and then some. There’s lots of nudity; surprisingly more male nudity then female. The film also has many racial jokes, mostly playing on Asian stereotypes. There are many "WTF" moments that will have you covering you eyes or leaving your jaw hanging. 

Miles Teller (from Project X) is the funniest character and plays the goofy party guy that doesn’t know when to filter his thoughts and words. Skylar Astin (from Pitch Perfect) plays the pretty boy who’s a little strung up and gets caught up in a romantic relationship. Justin Chon (from the Twilight series) is the birthday boy whose performance falls a bit short. His acting and comedic ability was not enjoyable. He simply just isn’t a good actor and came off as fake and forced.

"21 and Over" pushes some boundaries and leaves you thinking if you really lived up your college years,  especially your 21st birthday. So to sum it up, grab a drink (or two) at your local college bar instead of seeing this movie.


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