Saturday, June 30, 2012


Ted was unfortunately a miss for me. It tells the tale of a young boy who grows up with a talking teddy bear. Fast forward 20-something years and Mark Walberg is a pot-smoking 35 year old who is stuck choosing between his life-long best friend, Ted, and his one true love, played by Mila Kunis. The film has some odd twists and turns, and of course the random celebrity cameos. Ted is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who is the writer and director. 

The problem was, I had seen all the funny jokes in the trailers and commercials, which was a let down. Also, surprisingly the film is not completely a comedy. I associate Seth MacFarlane’s humor to be more one-liner and adult. The film takes a dark turn towards the second half and becomes more drama/horror film. It’s also a romantic comedy with all the love scenes between Mark and Mila.

I don’t know what age range this film is garned towards either. It makes some 1985 references that I just didn’t get. I thought it wasn’t funny, and really didn’t make sense. People in their mid-thirties would get the TV references much better. I just found it pretty dated.

Giovanni Ribisi is fun to see as the protagonist. He plays well as the creepy stalker, something he’s no stranger to. The character is very dark and lacks comic relief.

I think I went into the film thinking it was going to be non-stop laughter. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Ted has it’s few good jokes but  delves too much into a drama and romance. It could have been a huge hit for Seth but doesn’t hit the target. I’m hoping for a “Family Guy” movie instead soon. 


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