Monday, March 12, 2012

Introductions/About Me

Movies are the universal language of the world. It’s a subject that almost every person takes part in and can bring people together. Basically movies are like the weather, it’s one of the few topics you can discuss with a complete stranger.

Why do we watch movies? It’s an escape from our crazy hectic lives, to put it bluntly. The majority of us aren’t going to be super heroes, international spies, or Megan Fox’s boyfriend. Movies give us the chance to take a break from our lives and live through someone else. Movies are our portal to another world. The world we imagine sometimes or the world we wish we could be in. I’m here to give you my two cents about the best, worst, and everything in between about movies.

Why should you read my blog?

Too often I hear people say, “don’t believe what that critics say” or “critics are unnecessarily harsh.” I’ve decided to write this blog because I too have those feelings. There are countless critics that judge a movie based on “professional” feelings, and expect the everyone to agree with them. Sometimes a person in the industry is the exact person who shouldn't be reviewing a film. They may be viewing the film from inside “the box” or according to “industry standards.”

The word “critic” or “critique” has even become a negative term because of this practice. I am here to watch movies and tell you about them from my perspective. The perceptive of the average moviegoer. I can judge a movie from the point of view of an educated person who lives and breathes movies. My friends pride me on this all the time, so I thought why not share my thoughts with everyone.

I can tell you what’s worth watching and what’s not, although I may not be right every time. I am an avid moviegoer and enjoy almost every genre of film. I always have an internal dialogue in my mind when watching a film. Even after a movie I’ll keep thinking and talking about it. And that’s just it, the movie experience is not over for me after the credits roll. It continues to evoke feelings, sometimes good and sometimes bad. But regardless, I love talking about movies and letting people know what works and what doesn’t. So stay tuned and see what I’ve got to say. Ultimately I am simply giving you my opinion and personal thoughts. If you like my reviews please let me know and share them with your friends/family. If you don’t like what I’ve got to say let me know (preferably in a private email) so I can perfect my film review skills for you. 

Thanks and enjoy!

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