Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Endings vs. Friends

I know this a movie review blog but I had to share this. My new favorite TV show is “Happy Endings.” It’s basically the new version of “Friends”. I’ve even done a side-by-side character comparison…

You can definitely notice the social changes since “Friends” was released in 1994, and “Happy Endings,” which premiered in 2011. Taboo subjects, that were once controversial, are now being shown more; for instance, Brad and Jane are an interracial married couple and Max is the not-so-typical gay guy.

The cast includes some familiar faces. Elisha Cuthbert, who starred in “The Girl Next Door” is great as the ditzy hot girl. And Damon Wayans Jr., nephew to the famous Wayans brothers, is comedy genius. The only character that annoys me is Jane, played by Eliza Coupe. She talks too fast and seems a little too bossy, which can get really irritating quickly. The funniest character is a tie between Max (Adam Pally) and Penny (Casey Wilson). They have the best one liners and get into the most compromising predicaments. 

"Happy Endings" airs on ABC Wednesday nights at 9:30pm (pacific time).


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