Tuesday, December 17, 2013

American Hustle

The film features a star-studded cast and has garnered a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Motion Picture, Drama.” American Hustle takes place in the late 1970’s and tells the story of a con man, played by Christian Bale, and his accomplice, Amy Adams, who are forced to work for an FBI agent, Bradley Cooper, to help bust corrupt politicians and mobsters.

I would not recommend watching this film. American Hustle is completely overrated. It’s not ‘best picture’ quality. The subject matter and plot line are unoriginal and boring. How many times are they going to give us the same story? There was nothing fresh or new about this film. I knew what was going on the entire time and could easily guess what was going to happen next. The story development is slow and simple. It didn’t keep me engaged at all. I could not wait until the credits rolled.

The only salvageable factor was the acting. While not all the performances were great, I thought the character development and casting was well done. Jennifer Lawrence plays Christian Bale’s big-mouthed New Jersey housewife. Her performance was phenomenal and was the shining beacon in this dimly lit film. I thought she played beautifully and was highly entertaining with her witty backhanded one-liners and sassy attitude. Christian Bale was enjoyable to watch also. I think he is one of those few actors that really ‘becomes’ the character he’s playing. Barely recognizable having gained 40 pounds and sporting a toupee, Bale really embraced his 1970’s con artist character.

On the other hand, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper’s performances fell short. Adams forced a British accent that kept coming and going. It really left me lost and confused. Cooper has done well previously in serious roles, but this one was a miss. He played a high-strung underdog cop who wanted his big break. He didn’t connect with the role and the filmmakers didn’t utilize his abilities as well as they could have.

Overall this film did not do it for me. I was bored the entire time and felt like it was all done before. When it comes down to it the storyline lacked originality and depth, although some performances held it afloat. I do not recommend seeing this film. I hope American Hustle does not win any undeserving awards this award season.


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