Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bad Santa 2

Bill Bob Thorton is back at it again in Bad Santa 2 after 13 years. 2016 really is the year of the overdue sequel! There's a new director on board, Mark Waters, who directed the acclaimed Mean Girls.

I was skeptical of a sequel and didn't think it would live up to the raunchiness of the original. But I was definitely proven wrong. Bad Santa 2 is just as raunchy and comical. Billy Bob is trashier and nastier than ever. His life is just as shitty and it doesn't look like he plans on cleaning it up.

Willie's small sidekick, Marcus, is out of prison and has a new heist in store this holiday season. This time they're bringing in Willie's mom, played by Kathy Bates. Willie is headed to Chicago to crack a safe potentially worth millions from a charity collecting donations for the holidays. 

Who knew Willie's mom would be just as soul-less and messed up. Kathy Bates is great in comedy roles and doesn't hold back. She's gives Billy Bob a run for his money as a no-good heartless thief. Things definitely don't go smoothly but that's when all the tricks come out.

The nicest celeb surprise is Christina Hendricks (Mad Men). She's just as flirtatious, but maybe a little more naughty than usual.

I give Bad Santa 2 two thumbs up for some mindless lighthearted raunchy fun. 


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