Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West

3 Reasons Not to See 'A Millions Ways'

As a huge Family Guy fan it saddens me to say this, but do not waste your time or money watching this film.

1. It was unnecessarily long and boring: Run time is almost 2 hours of uncomfortably low-brow, boring humor. It was uneventful and slow placed.

2. Seth MacFarlane is not a suitable onscreen actor: He needs to stay behind the camera...or better yet behind the microphone. He may have forgotten this wasn't an animated film. He's emotionless and has no onscreen presence. 

3. Plot line was a joke, and no not the good kind: Seth tried to get serious when the audience just wants to laugh. Attempting to build up dramatic effect, he just left the viewer yawning and dosing off. There was no real movement or fluidity.   

If you liked Ted, you'll hate this. If you hated Ted you'll dislike this also. If you have the ability to see and hear, you'll hate this.

*Highlight: Fun and surprising cameos.


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